Diane Rauschto Xtremely Clean Carpet Cleaning

September 26, 2015 ·

I have to share my absolutely fantastic experience with Xtremely Clean. I was affected by the recent flooding in Sioux Falls and my entire basement was flooded. Fortunately, my neighbors were already customers of Glen's and that is how I heard about Xtremely Clean. Glen and his team were so professional and friendly. They worked ridiculously long hours for so many people affected by the flood. It was obvious that we were not just another number - they truly cared about the customer. As for the carpet, I am thrilled to say that they got it so clean and fresh smelling, and absolutely no residue. No one would ever know the disaster my basement was. There aren't enough words of thanks for the help you gave me at such a difficult time.

Corinne Kovalenko Leeto Xtremely Clean Carpet Cleaning

September 1, 2015 · Sioux Falls ·

I can't tell you how wonderful this company has been to work with in the last week. Our basement flooded last week and they came and have taken care of us quickly, efficiently and with more compassion than I have ever seen in a company. We would highly recommend and wouldn't go with anyone else.

Bren Smithto Xtremely Clean Carpet Cleaning

December 18, 2012 ·

My sister, Coco Hoeke while taking in my dumping of complaining of the expense and poor results I had received in cleaning my carpets when I lived in Sioux Falls. Recommended Xtremely Clean Cleaning right away. It took me a couple more times of flushing my money before i took her advise. Finally did. A man named Glen came over. Hooked up all the gear and off he went. Needless to say, i would not ever consider changing companies. The staff and Glen verbalize appreciation for my business. I found that a nice 'clean' touch. He-he. I later found out the luxury apartments we were living in Sioux Falls also used Xtremely Clean commercially.

Thank you my sweet dear sister for watching out for me from clean carpets to the HUGE mother sacrifices you have made for me and the rest of our sibilings. Selflessly. I swear sis it will come back at ya. I love you. I cannot wait for your carpets.